Supercharge your new hires time to productivity

No more ad hoc processes and manual scheduling.
Fallcha organises your onboarding into reusable templates, automates scheduling, and gathers feedback.

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What Fallcha can do for your onboarding

Plan your new hires onboarding schedule

For companies of all shapes and sizes, organising new hire onboarding can be heavily manual and unstructured.

  • Create onboarding plans and reusable templates
  • Assign multiple plans for cross functional onboarding
  • Streamlined collaboration across teams

Get continuous feedback from new hires

Onboarding is important and should evolve as you and your organization evolves. Fallcha makes it easy for companies analyse data about their process and what works best.

  • Real time feedback
  • Data driven insights
  • Trend analysis

Know the best times that work for all attendees

You’re already busy creating content, why be busier checking everybody’s calendar. Let Fallcha tell you the times that suit everyone.

  • Calendar integrations
  • Auto scheduling of events & tasks
  • Slack automations

How Fallcha helps your new hires

Hit the ground running!

First days can be overwhelming! Who will I be meeting? What will I be doing? Where do I have to go? Give your new hire a stress free start - let Fallcha guide them.

  • Detailed onboarding schedule prior to start
  • On demand content
  • Review of resources

Get to know your onboarding buddy

The working world is becoming more remote. Fallcha wants to bring new hires and their teammates closer together.

  • Get to know your buddy & what they’re working on
  • Best practice guides and templates for buddies
  • Ask any questions before you start or just share a message to say hello!

Every new hire plants a tree

Being a carbon conscious company sets you apart from the crowd. Gamify your onboarding with societal benefits.

  • We plant trees on behalf of your new hires as they get through their onboarding
  • Reduce your companies carbon footprint while increasing your new hires happiness

“The new remote world needs something like Fallcha. I’m very excited for it to launch so I can finally use it.”

Jonny Winters, Senior Manager, HR Operations


Why use Fallcha?

Fallcha makes it easier to create and reuse onboarding plans to save you time, and become better at it in the process. Fallcha also offers a pretty cool mobile experience for new hires, if we do say so ourselves.

Who is Fallcha for?

Fallcha is for every hirer on planet earth. So long as you don’t plan on using it for evil. If you’ve ever onboarded a new hire Fallcha is for you. Or if you’re getting ready to onboard your first hire then we want to be along your side and help.

How do I get started?

Submit your email address at the top of the page and we’ll be in touch with to get you started. Alternatively, email us ( your nice and kind request. We love a good GIF too.